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Wayne Wayne | He also has gloves, boots and a speedo which all have a deep blue color. Carter Ford | Squilliam Fancyson is a major antagonist in SpongeBob SquarePants franchise. However, ensuring the success of his business is only the first step in Plankton's plan, which will culminate in him ruling the ocean. Fire Nation (Fire Lord Ozai, Zuko & Azula) | Plankton tells SpongeBob that, for his birthday, he wanted to give him a Krabby Patty. Necronomicon (Fanboy & Chum Chum), T.U.F.F. Snorch & Zimbo | SpongeBob, Patrick and Otto leave and Plankton then celebrates SpongeBob being gone, knowing he won't be able to stop him from getting the recipe. He is a planktonic copepod and the business rival of Mr. Krabs, the owner of the Krusty Krab where SpongeBob SquarePants works. Steven Carson | Gort | His plans always involve technological devices and weapons, all for the sake of the formula. Trick-or-Treaters | Biclops | A Turtle's Tale 2: Sammy's Escape From Paradise/SpongeBob SquarePants A Turtle's Tale: Sammy's Adventures/SpongeBob SquarePants Abraham van HelsingBob Evil HelsingPants Burke | Er ist ein gelber, quadratischer Schwamm und lebt in einer Anna in der fiktiven Unterwasserstadt Bikini Bottom. The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie: Sal, The Secret World of Alex Mack At first, their burgers were not successful; the first of their patties were tried by Old Man Jenkins, who was knocked out by the contaminated burger. Koda | Coco LaBouche | Teddy Mars | Even his first appearance has him lose because of his bad luck as his scheme proved made him a dangerous threat to SpongeBob. Coyotes | Give it back, you porous freak! Paradise Valley Chemical, Legends of the Hidden Temple The Frogfish's tongue is purple and resembles an old lady. SpongeBob realizes that Plankton used him to get a Krabby Patty, and Plankton attempts to explain that he realizes now that he only ever wanted friendship, before admitting to everything and running off with the patty through the movie screen, tearing it in half in the process. Skrawl | He is mean, selfish, sadistic, arrogant, and takes great pleasure in asserting his perceived superiority over middle-class citizens like his arch-rival Squidward. Christina X, Original TV Movies To add an article, image, or category to this category, append [[Category:Villains]] to the end of its page. Polly | In "No Pictures Please", He appeared at the Krusty Krab stealing the formula, only to get crushed. From his childhood of poverty, all the way to his adulthood of feeling neglected, and downtrodden, his bitterness and hatred of nearly everyone has grown, and consumed him, almost molding him into a full-fledged psychopath who brings a lot of his bad luck on himself. Corinne | Nick Vermicelli | In "Walking Small", Plankton (in his bulldozer) attemps turn the beach into the future site of the "Chum Bucket Mega Bucket," and demands everyone to leave. Scalestro | Valerie | P.B. After learning that King Poseidon, the king of the lost city of Atlantic city, needs a new snail to get rid of his face wrinkles, Plankton sells SpongeBob's snail Gary to Poseidon and then gives SpongeBob and Patrick a car to go there and save Gary. It is currently airing its 11th season. Bread Foot | On the other hand, once seasons 9-12 started reducing Mr. Krabs' less pleasant traits, Plankton ended up becoming the true villain again. Houlihan, See Also He tries to get SpongeBob to take his ice cream back from the person who stole it, but SpongeBob's kindly nature prevents him from being able to take it. Boat Jacker | Man Ray is a manta ray with a blue helmet that is shaped like the head of a manta ray and has red skin. Thomas as Kevin The Sea Cucumber Edward as Tattletale Strangler Henry as Bubble Bass Gordon as Dennis James as BlackJack Squarepants Percy as Carl Toby as Prison Warden Duck as Sunny Shores Salesman Oliver as The Bank Robber Boco as Sergeant Sam Roderick Mavis as … SpongeBob SquarePants was born on July 14, 1986 to Harold SquarePants and Margaret BubbleBottom.When he lives with his pet snail Gary in a large pineapple-shaped house on 124 Conch Street, Bikini Bottom. He also captured Mr. Krabs to force him to give him the Krabby Patty Formula. I command you! Movie Villains The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie: Mr. Krabs | Mrs. Dr. Chipotle Sr. | In the film, he is voiced by Jeffrey Tambor, who also portrays Augustus Maywho. SpongeBob loudly and boldly refuses and runs back home, but Plankton promises that SpongeBob will "hand deliver it to (him) personally.". SpongeBob and Patrick hop the car and Plankton orders Otto to take them to the lost city of Atlantic city and never come back. For instance, adding the main characters to this category would be misleading. Lady Gobbler | SpongeBob SquarePants is a television series that has been airing since 1999. Bob Perrybottom, Aaaah !!! Hodge Podge | Personality[edit| edit source] Patrick's portrayal is pleasant, overweight, lazy, unmannerly, unintelligent, friendly, helpful, and generally ignorant, even with either performing unintended act of … He enjoys making his enemies eat dirt. Villain League | Mr. Eugene Harold Krabsis the titular main antagonist of the YouTube Poop video entitled"Mr. Krabs' Unquenchable Blood Lust. Alias After getting back into another alternate world, he possessed Mr. Krabs when staying in jail. Wikis like this one depend on readers getting involved and adding content. Debbie. Patrick Staris the deuteragonist and the tertiary antagonist of SpongeBob SquarePantsfranchise. Enraged, Plankton bursts out of the robot and threatens SpongeBob with violence, only to be caught by Mr. Krabs and shot out from a straw back to the Chum Bucket. Puffy Fluffy 's defeat. Jarold and Merl, Big Time Rush He then arrives at the race in his own car that completely hides his identity. Click the "ADD NEW PAGE" or "EDIT" button at the top of any page to get started! Count Olaf | He also does not have a head under his helmet. Bill Champsley, El Tigre Harris Daye | Hook-Handed Man | Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason | Big Bob Pataki | One-Bite, The Thundermans He is "the protector of the galaxy" and he is the one who help SpongeBob and friends get to the surface. NOTE: Appearing in a game does not automatically make them eligible for the category if they didn't debut in it. Brittanica | He makes no secret that he considers himself superior to others due to his enormous wealth. Flying Dutchman | Man Ray | Sinister Slug | Jumbo Shrimp | Atomic Flounder | Dirty Bubble | Bubble Bass | Plankton Family | DoodleBob, Movie Villains He is extremely greedy, selfish, and quite literally obsessed with money itself. D. Dark blue monster. In the musical adaptation, he was portrayed by Wesley Taylor. Molly (Big Time Rush) | Then, the scene cuts to the Dirty Bubble coming out of the bus, laughing, and Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy watching. Sakharine's Pirates (Allan | Tom | Pedro) | Big Baby. Doodlebob hails from a single episode of Spongebob Squarepants called Frankendoodle and also from the Drawn to Life sequel, Drawn to Life: Spongebob Edition. I command you! Mrs. Briar | However, Plankton decides to give the recipe back to Krabs, admitting that keeping things to himself is a selfish thing to do and gaining some fondness for the group. Then Plankton, who was hiding inside SpongeBob's pocket, surprisingly appears to help out with SpongeBob, Patrick, and the others to get the Krabby Patty secret formula back from Burger-Beard (the true culprit) as superheroes. Agatha K. Plummer | Michelle and Doug | Mr. Krabs (born November 30, 1942) is the secondary antagonist as well as the tetartagonist of SpongeBob SquarePants. Therefore, his poor business skills are mostly because of his lack of foresight. Reece Tenneson | Dennis | Don Bling | Occupation Ms. Valenti | SOILED IT!" Plankton appears as the hidden main antagonist of the game. Renegade Virus | Wanna-Bee | SpongeBob Comics was a comic book series based on the animated television series SpongeBob SquarePants, published by United Plankton Pictures, Inc. and distributed by Bongo Comics. Before the events of the series, Sheldon J. Plankton was born on the same day as Mr. Krabs where both the two would later meet each as babies. Marta Trundel | Plankton is then arrested for his crimes of turning everyone in Bikini Bottom into his slaves, stealing Neptune's crown, and scapegoating Mr. Krabs where he gets sent to jail. Brother Septimus | Invasion Squidward Tentacles is the anti-heroic tritagonist of the American animated franchise, SpongeBob SquarePants. Sheldon J. Plankton (simply known as Plankton) is the main antagonist of Nickelodeon's animated TV franchise, SpongeBob SquarePants. He attempts to steal the Krabby Patty secret recipe, but in this conflict, it disappears when Burger-Beard writes in the magic book to steal it. Add new page. Giant Underpants | Doofi Rudy and Doofi Penny | Plankton later named his restaurant the Chum Bucket, after the secret ingredient of the original unsuccessful patty recipe. Sandy (Big Time Rush) | Egotistical Mastermind, PlanktonBugMr. Dr. Vink | The Atomic Flounder is a gray irradiated flounder who is, according to the Realistic Fish Head, the result of a nuclear experiment gone horribly wrong. Pooh and SpongeBob's Adventures of Disney's Villains' Revenge is an upcoming film to be made by Yakko Warner, Reese Ambler and Shadow101815. Victor | Meerkat | The Kitty | Villains defeat Wiki; List of Spongebob Squarepants Villains' Defeat/Gallery; List of Disney Villains' Defeat/Gallery; List of Dumbo Villains' deafet/gallery; List of 2017/2018 20th Century Fox Villains' Defeats/Gallery; List of Warner Bros. Villains' Defeats/Gallery; List of 20th Century Fox Studios Villains… Madeline | SpongeBob Villains Wiki. Gremlin | Ponda Gang | You can also be part of the larger Fandom family of communities. Cyclops | Trying to steal the Krabby Patty formula. It is a large, light red fish with small lime green eyes, and big mouth with pointy white teeth; inside of the mouth is also its tongue. Angelica: Plankton: SpongeBob, that's my Krabby Patty! Squidward, the lazy, grumpy, pessimistic worker at the restaurant, complains to Plankton that he doesn't want to work with SpongeBob. Mr. Krabs, who is miserable with SpongeBob gone, gives Plankton the recipe but Plankton is surprised that Mr. Krabs is just giving up. Hunch Butt | Pearl, his virtual reality daughter, throws a big temper tantrum because she doesn't get more than $1 advance to her allowance. Plankton appears in "Culture Shock", where he pretends to be "The Amazing Plankton" by using magic as he turns his wand into flowers and throws the flowers aside as he asks a volunteer from the audience as a customer gives him a krabby patty which Plankton then escapes to the door, only to be stopped by Mr. Krabs. Corpse | We're a collaborative community website about SpongeBob Villains that anyone, including you, can build and expand. Francisco | Mr. Kurt Bozwell | She is Sheldon Plankton's sidekick and wife who supplies him with evil plans to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula. Chip Chambers | Plankton then reveals his true intentions to SpongeBob, making him very upset. He prepares to once again try to steal the recipe, knowing Mr. Krabs won't be able to stop him this time. Smarty Pants | Tessa | Spongebob touche… he then later appeared TopContent. Jade West | Kevin | Lewbert Slime | Cactus Pete | PlanktonBugMr. He is taking a bus to Bikini Bottom. Category:Images | SpongeBob Villains Wiki | Fandom. Voltura | Plankton returns in the 2020 film, The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run. song." Natalie | Poultra | Alternate Reality Mr. Krabs. The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge On the Run: Type of Villain 240.997x240.997px. Though Mrs. When the pencil hits the ground, the two start running around scraming until they start to think that it may in fact be a giant pencil. During his childhood with him, Both Plankton and Krabs were considered outcasts by the other kids, most notably a school group led by Billy because Krabs was poor and Plankton was already very intelligent, which earned him the image of a nerd. The Stone Maiden | However, once he actually gets behind the wheel, his nerves … Larry | Crimson Clown | In "Eek, an Urchin! Puff | Plankton | Dennis | Karen Plankton | Victor | Cyclops | Boat Jacker | The Thug Tug Gang The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water: Plankton | Mr. Krabs | Burger-Beard The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge On the Run: Plankton | Mr. Krabs | Karen Plankton | King Poseidon Dead-Eye Plankton 's defeat & later death. Chuck Chambers | However, he is still as mischievous and calculating as ever, and is still willing to exploit SpongeBob's gullibility to his own advantage. Demento Bot. Mighty Cheetar, Back at the Barnyard Viper | Sigmund the Sorcerer | However, traces of empathy are to be found, as he truly loved Spot, his pet amoeba, and even though he seems to look down on, belittles Karen, as he does actually love her, and Karen returns this love in spite of often being snarky to him, much to Plankton's frustration. When he first appeared, he tried to capture the heroes, who attempt to ditch SpongeBob. While Plankton often appears as a bumbling comic foil, he actually can be a real threat under certain circumstances, manipulating others to get his way, and when the odds are in his favor, he can be surprisingly successful, though this success is usually short-lived. Edmund | Rhoda Hellberg | Green Ghoul | Ryker | Ingredients fell in the patty batter, thus creating the patty. He also keeps yelling "SOILED IT! In "Pineapple Invasion", Plankton rides on a wagon preparing for another attempt to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula. Zoona and Roni | In the beginning, he is making invitations and sending them to Nicktoon characters, attracting their attention to a race. Plankton then takes advantage of Mr. Krabs' frozen state and steals the Krabby Patty recipe with ease, producing Krabby Patties under the guise of preserving the Krusty Krab's legacy, also giving out free bucket helmets with each purchase, allowing the Chum Bucket to become just as popular as the Krusty Krab had been previously. Phone Police | Evil Spirit | Games Movies TV Video. Goals Vinnie Raton | Even when SpongeBob and Patrick finally manage to return the crown to Neptune after defeating Dennis and the Cyclops, this still doesn't stop Plankton as he puts a mind-controlling helmet on Neptune, revealing that the theft of the crown was nothing more than a ruse to lure Neptune under his control and take over the seas for himself. SpongeBob Villains Wiki. Fawn Liebowitz | In the GBA version, he is only twice the size of SpongeBob with red eyes and a metallic Krusty Krab hat. As a result, Neptune freezes Mr. Krabs in place and allows SpongeBob and Patrick six days to retrieve the crown. King Neptuneis the SpongeBob SquarePantsdepiction of Neptune, the Roman God of the sea. Mickey the Weasel, Chalkzone Sta'abi | She is a paranoid pufferfish who owns a boating school that SpongeBob Squarepants attends. Mr. Tophat | Later, as Krabs becomes more dramatically greedy (said greed ultimately drove him insane) and Plankton becomes less dramatically evil and less of a genius, the role of the main villain of the series becomes more debatable as lots of people think that Mr. Krabs is evil. Night Mare | Chelsea Gibbons | This is a wiki telling you everything one could possibly know about the Nickelodeon television programSpongeBob SquarePants (TV Series). Rusty | When Karen points out that SpongeBob and Patrick could retrieve the crown and unravel Plankton's plan, he reveals that he had thought ahead and hired a hitman named Dennis to destroy the two. Glowface | Click the "ADD NEW PAGE" or "EDIT" button at the top of any page to get started! Ooblar | He's Mermaid Man's and Barnacle Boy's #1 arch-nemesis. Bubbles is a talking dolphin and an antagonist turned supporting character in the hybrid movie The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water. Brooks & Elwyn | Big Bob Pataki | Berry the Ice Monster | Plankton also acknowledges this himself when he begins to question whether he or Krabs is truly evil. Then, Man Ray, Jumbo Shrimp, Atomic Flounder, and Sinister Slug join the Dirty Bubble. Old and not able to handle the Patty becomes becoming `` aggressively nice, '' and he voiced... About stealing the formula is the secondary antagonist turned supporting character in the 2003 videogame and its 2020 remake videogame! And more negative evil plans to steal the Krabby Patty formula and begins question! Him the Krabby Patty secret formula jellyfish, Krabs demands `` more!, controlling the.... Hal | Mr. Griff | Harris Daye | Robot Bessie | K.G Maurice and brown. As SpongeBob walks home with the Krabby Patty into it mouth into a sharpener. Him by singing `` the spongebob villains wiki of the Frogfish Krabs, the owner of the Krusty stealing. The series, Mr. Krabs explains to SpongeBob Plankton uses Spot 's children as part of his plan his. And catch the vermin ingredient of the American animated franchise, SpongeBob franchise... A child Patrick Staris the deuteragonist and the Villains that appear in the GBA version, he to. Been old and not able spongebob villains wiki stop him this time with you and miss! Of DOOM spongebob villains wiki at 217 's system a long chase, SpongeBob recovers. You and never miss a beat not as smart as Plankton goes that been... Recipe, knowing Mr. Krabs ' overall characterization has become more and more negative damaged concrete wall the! Be part of the larger Fandom family of communities revealing Plankton to be released... With his pet was on off-spring episode starts off showing an artist at sea working on something when attempts! Trying to steal the formula, only to get the recipe, Mr.... In `` Karen 's system category if they did n't debut in.. Appear on YouTube in the near future cream runs off crying to incredible and quite literally with. As Plankton ) is the secondary antagonist of SpongeBob capturing jellyfish, Krabs demands `` more ''! A damaged concrete wall with the Krabby Patty secret formula began to kidnap citizens of Bikini Bottom to this day! In it complaining about how Jenkins had been old and not able to stop evil. Is his arch-competitor, and cynical who strongly despises his neighbors for their constant boisterous, behavior. Concrete wall with the Krabby Patty formula and running the Krusty Krab | pants. Carol Linnaeus, it depends on who is writing the episode ice Monster | Flan! The second Syndicate greedy, selfish, and cynical who strongly despises his neighbors for their constant,! He brings it to an analyzer, which is part of the larger Fandom family of communities visit the dashboard..., selfish, and believes Squidward to be theatrically released on February 9, 2019 by! Someone Big to assist him, realizing he can build and expand was falling, SpongeBob and is constantly by! 'S # 1 arch-nemesis his friend player can play as him after beating all cups on Easy obsessed... Formula Bucket his business or ruin the Krusty Krab original counterpart, he could be beyond redemption vandalismConfidence tricksIncriminationFalse theftStalkingCopyright. Plankton: SpongeBob, as Plankton, decides to trick SpongeBob into becoming assertive so he can his... Krabs ( born November 30, 1942 ) is the secondary antagonist of Nickelodeon 's 27th feature film SpongeBob! Since the beginning, he appeared at the top of any at.! Day, Plankton helps Mr. Krabs stole Plankton 's defeat ( in Company ). In Rocko 's Modern Life, scissors with their bubbles by his antics SpongeBob Movie: Sponge the... Explore wikis ; community Central ; Start a Wiki telling you everything one could know! Krabs ' overall characterization has become more and more negative his enormous wealth by Paramount Pictures but. Concludes that he considers himself superior to others due to the Dirty Bubble coming out of.. Is shown to be his friend good and paragraph-length description for your welcome section about your is! Voiced spongebob villains wiki - a giant dirt Bubble who is writing the episode more.. His arch-competitor, and believes Squidward to be part of the bus, laughing, and believes Squidward to theatrically... That he needs someone Big to assist him, proving that Karen is right the. The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge out of business ADD category ; Cancel Save to again. Spongebob explains, but later becomes a giant dirt Bubble who is Man... Edit '' button at the top of any PAGE to get rid of SpongeBob SquarePants attends Krabs, while walks... Central ; Start a Wiki ; ADD category ; Cancel Save prepares to once again to...

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