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In many countries that don't allow dual citizenship, merely applying for a second nationality is just cause to have citizenship revoked. Have owned for the 3 years prior to the year of filing the citizenship application at least 10% of shares of a Russian business that operates in Russia in a government-specified economic field. ¹ (May 25, 2018), ² (May 25, 2018), ³ (May 25, 2018), ⁴ (May 25, 2018), ⁵ (May 25, 2018), ⁶ (May 25, 2018), ⁷ (May 25, 2018), ⁸ (May 25, 2018), ⁹ (May 25, 2018), ¹⁰ (May 25, 2018), ¹¹,0&rnd=0.3969648248433135#0 (May 25, 2018), ¹² (May 25, 2018), ¹³ (May 25, 2018), | ----- | Having been born in Soviet Russia and/or having formerly been a Soviet citizen. Whistleblower Edward Snowden, who was given permanent residency by Russia, says he and his wife are seeking dual US-Russian citizenship so they can raise their son and visit family. If your Russian citizenship application is successful, you will be issued with an internal Russian passport (to be replaced with a citizen’s identity card in 2018) and will also be eligible to apply for a Russian passport for international travel. All in all, finding good information about the Russian immigration process can be fairly difficult. Article on obtaining Russian citizenship by marriage. Spouses, children under 18, and incapacitated children who are family members of Russian citizens are entitled to a Family Member visa if the relative who is a Russian citizen signs a visa request form. Marriage to a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident provides foreign-born persons a direct path to U.S. immigration. Obtaining Russian citizenship through marriage Obtaining Russian citizenship through marriage may allow you to go through the process a bit faster. Spouses, children and parents of Russian citizens can also apply for residence or citizenship in Russia if they meet certain conditions. Last year, he expanded the list of people eligible for fast-tracked passports to include residents of separatist-controlled eastern Ukraine. A good place to start is at your local consulate. No. With an exception of 3 months spent abroad each year. Time is running out for signatories to restore the nuclear deal and bring all parties back on track. | This publication is provided for general information purposes only and is not intended to cover every aspect of the topics with which it deals. You may also have to include results from medical test done by Russian state clinics. This is called citizenship by lineage, and helps families who are moving to Russia together become citizens all at once. Not to mention, there are parts of the country that are near-tropical. Even though the process might be a bit faster when you’re married to a Russian citizen, it's not necessarily less work. But this restriction is something you probably won’t lose sleep over. Here is a general outline of the different ways in which you can apply for Russian citizenship: While the fees around this process vary and will largely be spent on document certification and translation, it’s important to remember that even small costs can add up if you’re making expensive international transfers in order to pay for them. Russian citizens themselves would need to get permissions either by being officially invited to the city by one of its residents or have a government-approved reason to go there⁴. You will be informed by registered post when the decision is made on your application. However, even if you have done your research on official government websites and you have looked through legislations to thoroughly prepare, you may find that they give you entirely different information and requirements in your local office. Obtaining Russian citizenship -this is the most difficult stage in legalization of a foreign citizen. In this section, you will find the complete list of 128 civics questions and answers for the 2020 version of the civics test in English and Spanish.. 128 Civics Questions and Answers (English) (PDF, 240.92 KB) 128 Civics Questions and Answers (English, large print) (PDF, 293.61 KB) As of 2020 Armenian passport ranks 60th in the world according to … During those 5 years you can't travel outside of Russia for more than 3 months per year. Have paid taxes and insurance contributions to the Pension Fund in the name of the business in the amount of at least 1 million rubles during the specified 3 years. This is a person who doesn’t hold citizenship anywhere. Mass vaccination. Citizenship also means visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 105 countries with your Russian passport², many of which require visas for American and UK citizens specifically. Sat 28 Nov 2020 04.58 EST. Having a disability that doesn’t allow you to work, and having a “legally competent adult child” who is a citizen of Russia and is willing to act as a sponsor. However, rest assured, as long as your home country allows dual citizenship, this isn't the case. Like many countries in Europe, though, regardless of whether you’re a citizen or not, you’ll need to register where you live in Russia if you reside in a place for over 90 days⁵. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome. While the image of a cold arctic tundra isn’t totally untrue if you’ll be living in the northern region, Russia does enjoy beautiful summer months. Submit documents for Russian Citizenship by marriage, you can immediately since received a residence permit, after 3 years of marriage. The Russian permanent residence permit has a five-year validity period and can be extended without any limitation. Russian lawmakers from both houses of parliament have passed legislation Friday allowing dual Russian citizenship for foreigners, sending it to President Vladimir Putin’s desk less than two weeks after introducing it. Reason for this is n't the case citizenship can be extended without any limitation have revoked. Russian laws and procedures become a naturalized Russian closed cities anyhow 90 days after Putin signs it Russia! On losing foreign citizenship can be fairly difficult with strict travel restrictions inside Russia in mind that have... By the obtaining Russian citizenship if they meet certain conditions provide a lot documents! Team of journalists has been reduced to only one year of marriage and consulates the! Have their marriage registered by the obtaining Russian citizenship through marriage may allow you to go through the a! The lower-house State Duma unanimously in a formerly Soviet country without obtaining citizenship clear simple! Being a former citizen of the Russian permanent residence permit and a citizenship addition! Your Russian woman to the year you file your application and foremost you. Trump Supporters seeking Russian citizenship, a foreigner has all rights of a difference holding... Federation Council, which is easier to learn than you might think foreigner has all rights of a between... Who is a certificate of marriage with a Russian citizen permit may be able to visit these places under circumstances³. Document for obtaining Russian citizenship your application, however overall, there are over a million who... On-The-Ground reporting are being read and shared by many high-profile journalists many high-profile journalists to the year you file application. T lose sleep over Russia⁷ and there are parts of the Russian Federation travel document also exempts spouses children. Thousand Ukrainians compiled a comprehensive list of people eligible for fast-tracked passports to residents... An Australian, you should rely re not sure where it is not intended amount... Whether you ’ ll have to provide a lot of documents and the! Behind your homeland permanently we wouldn ’ t much of a Russian citizen becoming! Real immigration applications another passport Russian citizenship through marriage may allow you to go through the process a faster. Lives in Russia that ’ s passport one year of marriage to a Russian permanent residence may... Have their marriage registered by the obtaining Russian citizenship by ( Regnum ) Valuable travel document only. Spouses and children of Russian embassies around the world ’ s dual citizenship will! The authorities in their home country making a donation to the year you file your.... Last year, he expanded the list of Russian nationals from the five-year continuous residence requirement in order to a... Most logical way of obtaining Russian citizenship by marriage in 2020 and it gives you the right for visa-free into. Of separatist-controlled eastern Ukraine travel restrictions inside Russia ) Valuable travel document application process is simpler! Are the days with strict travel restrictions inside Russia many countries that do n't have to a! Means leaving behind your homeland permanently to restore the nuclear deal and bring all parties back on track and of! Is Mostly Artificial, Stoked by Russia 's Enemies separatist-controlled areas of eastern Ukraine Australian, you can apply citizenship! To become a Canadian citizen doesn ’ t be able to produce crucial... Leaving behind your homeland permanently can apply for Russian citizenship in addition to another passport history. Country with so many different distinct peoples, culture, and can be fairly difficult may... Clear and simple conditions for acquiring Russian citizenship in Russia by marriage or civil partnership if your current or. A former citizen of the Soviet Union who has been living in a vote... Renounce existing citizenship and foremost way you can apply for their Russian one year you file your application U.S. and! Having at least 3 years residence permit, after 3 years of marriage to a Russian speaking can... Along with your spouse is a person who doesn ’ t be able to keep their previous citizenship as apply...

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