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on Step 1. 5 months ago In Australia, there are far higher risks than a snail that MAY have rat lungworm though. It is an endangered species and was transplanted from the Florida Keys to this location as part of an amature attempt to help save the species. I accidently brought a snail home from a vacation in Wales a year ago. Also, I’d suggest that children be fully supervised as people can get sick if they eat snails. In Australia there’s been a case of a child contracting Rat Lungworm by (they think) eating a snail. Snails are packed in small plastic boxes filled with damp moss. This eBook includes everything you need to know about caring for, feeding, handling, cleaning and of course, snail safety. Fortunately, O. r. reses has been introduced elsewhere and further reintroductions are currently planned. What else can we put in our snail orphanage?? We get some pretty awesome Giant African Snails here and I’ve been meaning to keep some for the girls to watch more regularly but I didn’t know to care for them. Thanks Patricia but I’d prefer not to use throw away gloves as it’s just adding more plastic to the world. Also, it has to be damp so put a small bottle cork or pringles top to put water in, or just spray the tank with cold water every day.Snails eggs look like this: O Well kinda!You can also keep your snail(s) in a plastic washing powder box but make sure they can see out.Take out your snails on to the lawn or somewhere in the garden while you clean out the snailarium so they can excersise but ALWAYS count them when you take them out and when you put them back in their box.GOOD LUCK TO YOU AND YOUR SNAILS!!!!!! xo P, Most of us do see them as pests, and they kind of are when we are trying to grow food to eat but sometimes pests can come in handy . i fed her veggies and canned dog food. Nature Advent Calendar: Encourage Active & Meaningful Traditions! I’m not sure if I could give you an answer either way. Love! We added a terracotta pot and a stick for climbing but you can add real plants, rocks and twigs too. 5 months ago. That is how I came to have a pet snail. Apart from that, they are fantastic pets. Apparently I was caught eating snails in the backyard as a kid. Snails are herbivours. 2 years ago, why a small amount of food? Your snails laying eggs means that you have very happy snails, so well done! Halloween Pumpkin With a Moving Animatronic Eye | This Pumpkin Can Roll Its Eye. We have been collecting them and then we are planning to release them back into captivity every 3 weeks. Question It’s taught my daughter tons about compassion. I’ve never heard of that one. A follow-up assessment of these populations was conducted in July 1986. Hi, a while ago I found some garden snails and kept them as pets for a while in a plastic takeaway container with some holes punched out so they could breathe. I could just imagine you as a toddler putting a snail in your mouth! Thanks for sharing your story Faigie! Just had babies last week and they are so cute! Orthalicus floridensis(Pilsbry 1891). I would suggest everyone check before eating snails though. Gently brush your fingers against their shells. Thank you for the reply. , You can have them for a couple of weeks and then free them. Ditrius or snail poo , it's interesting they poop like that right? They are restricted to tropical and semi-tropical regions by their need for high humidity and warm temperatures. We had these snails in a takeaway container for two weeks while moving house and I could tell they were happy when put into their new enclosure. I’m learning about care now & will keep it til the weather is cool or longer. She knows not to handle him after a discussion about how as humans, we don’t always have to touch an animal to appreciate it. Orthalicus reses reses (Say, 1830) Stock Island Tree Snail: Federally listed threatened species Back Mark their shell with a little bit of nail polish (if you can’t tell them apart) and race them. So it is just as important here to follow the “wash your hands sfter handling” guidelines. I’m sure they’d love a more permanent home for them, so will have to make them one! I love the fact they are quiet -mthey sound like the perfect housemate. Next get some artificial plants and some real plants. However, several nights later the snails seemed to be chewing on the sides of the holes. Yeah… they are ,but I have them for the night and they have had 18 eggs. They are now so tame that they like their little necks gently stroked. 4 weeks ago We just found a little snail in our garden, and we’re trying to keep it as a pet, but I see that the shell it’s very small, almost like a finger nail, it’s that normal? Photographic Print by Joel Sartore. These are our first snails. Let’s get started. Many species of snail are hermaphrodite, meaning they can have both male and female reproductive organs. I use coconut substrate and terrarium moss and all of it is well hydrated when I add it fresh (And of course I spray-mist it in between cleanings). Penny Whitehouse is a mother of three, with tertiary qualifications in wildlife biology and early years education and 12 years' experience as an environmental education officer, she is a perfect storm of the passion, knowledge and skills required to get younger generations connecting with the natural world. I like it when they eat as they are very cute. I am 12 years old and me and my 2 sisters have a snail each as a pet! Get the arificial plants from a fish tank if you have pet fish but dont go buying them if you dont! Similar shell shape but genetically a separate species. im glad i found this post and comments , for the last week i been really worried cuz few years ago i saw this tv show where people die cuz they ate live snails , so last week i was at my job and was doing something outside in the grass at night but there were a lot of snails in the grass i tried not to step on them but i think i step on 2 , wasnt on purpose but then i got to my knees and had to put my hand in the grass and it landed in one of the snails that i step on , so because of that and cuz i suffer from anxiety i remember the tv show and was thinking what if i got the parasite ? It was first described in 1830 by the American naturalist Thomas Say. It is fine to hold a snail but ensure you use proper health practices and wash you and your child’s hands straight after holding a snail. (just wondering) also how often should i change their food, You don’t want to put too much, in case it goes bad. I never feel like I have enough time. I dabbed him with a touch of nail polish so that we can identify him/her, and he just decided to stay with us! They do seem to like the flowers we put in though ! Ewwww. Every so often the snails would attach to the side of the terrarium and a hard, crusty substance would almost seal them to the side. I had pet snails for many years and have been thinking about starting again. My daughter gets great pleasure from her snails and is looking forward to releasing them back into the wild. I’m sure you wouldn’t let your snails go into the wild but sometimes disease can even spread just from the substrates thrown out from the enclosure. It was listed as threatened because of population declines, habitat destruction and modification, pesticide use, and over-collecting. I have a container and put potting soil, a leaf and some apple and cat food. You have to be gently, Reply It will be possible again from March or April. If you get the soil from your garden make sure you put it in a box and bake it in the oven for 20 mins. Then we all wash our hands , That is such a cute idea. Will I? Plastic boxes with snails are placed into a large paper box. They are restricted to tropical and semi-tropical regions by their need for high humidity and warm temperatures. Perhaps google images of snails and see if you can see one that’s exactly like the ones you have. I bring him snacks, but his best food seems to be from the cedar tree. Hi Claudia, i read its more humane to put him out of his mysery. It’d be fun to keep for a while . Great tips here, this will make it easier for next time we adopt some – which might be soon. I’ve never tried it. There is always a piece of food too, usually a sweet potato (doesn't rot easily). You could try soaking a cotton ball in beer and putting in your garden. Project Noah is a tool that nature lovers can use to explore and document local wildlife and a common technology platform that research groups can use to harness the power of citizen scientists everywhere. I’m particularly not fond of them myself but I bet the boys would love them. I am amazed how intelligent our pet snails are as they always find their way back into their box after being out and about for a little while. I have a pet snail of my own and I don’t know what to put in it’s box. I had a question though.As there wasn't any internet when I had mine I only got to learn about the snails from observation. See more ideas about Snail, Molluscs, Animals beautiful. Its thin shell is white to light brown with three brownish to purple horizontal stripes that surround the shell. So you CAN keep them for longer term, right? :), Reply I wouldn’t see any reason why you couldn’t. Price $250.00. Must keep this in mind next time we find a snail in our garden. The apex (tip of shell) and columella (inner shell spiral) are white. I did swap the soil and put lots of greens for them to play and to eat. Two species occur in North America, Orthalicus reses and Orthalicus floridensis Pilsbry… I have 2 little snails and i am getting them an upgrade today and i am hoping to keep them for a while. I’ve never bred them, but I’m sure it would be a fun adventure to find out how they reproduce together and have babies. Ok, so you want a snail? Your thoughts?if it makes any difference, I noticed that they do this especially after I clean the habitat… I’m guessing it’s because of the increased humidity? Orthalicus reses is a species within the genus Orthalicus, a group of large, arboreal pulmonate snails in the family Orthalicidae. Luckily that snail didn’t have the disease. The hedge species, like what you have pictured, never reproduced. They are similar in size. ive put tomatoes and potatoes along with crushed cuttlefish bone in and he finally came out today but i accidentally spooked him and he still hasnt come back out. Well, If they climb on eachother it’s just them playing. I have miracle grow garden soil, will this be okay for the snails?? Question If they hatch, they can actually get out of the top of the terrarium as well! It lived another 2 years and repaired the shell! I think snails would be great in a classroom Kate! So anyway, just do that. There is a section on this post about food. Best. The fact that these animals are long-lived is especially important when you buy a snail … Tonight I’m going to visit and scroll for a while. She sadly passed away because of it. 1). When I ask my mom to buy a bigger case for my snails to have them more room (and something easier to clean) she doesn’t understand why I want to keep them, she even offered to get me a hermit crab. I would think they wouldn’t though. This website has some great information on it http://www.health.nsw.gov.au/factsheets/infectious/rat_lung_worm.html, In my post I did stress that children holding snails should be fully supervised and that washing hands is important after holding snails. I remove any food every one or two days… Depending on the temperature , the food can go bad pretty quick, So I randomly wound up with some garden snails , that I found out in my back yard while doing chores for my aunt I put them into a temporary betta cup container not intending to keep them but I just might anyway , I need pets that live a long time and don't die very fast I enjoy misting them and holding them on my hand allowing them to cover me in slime and watching their cute pupper mouth move against my skin .I have no idea what the life expectancy of a snail is but I may have found a good cost effective pet, Can any one tell me what my snail has on him? It started as keeping this one to see if we could help it repair it’s shell. Learn about snails, their breeding, predators and where they fit into the food chain, « Wildlife Explorer Kit Essentials for Kids, Catching a Spider: Why you should bother and how to do it ». Also put grass under the food to keep it clean. Mine did that too. Required fields are marked *. They became active right away. he he he. Such an informative post Penny…as usual i learnt a lot! Slowy and Pokey. How exciting that you have pet snails! 50 Inspirational Quotes About Children and Nature. A website I visited said that they can have damp paper. Could be good in a classroom. If you do decide to go this way, wait an hour or two after the sun goes down, and go out and inspect your garden plants with a flashlight. so you can kill any harmful bugs and bacteria. I’d suggest adding a food bowl. Also, if they don’t want you to see them, they just bury themselves in the dirt (I think we can all relate to that). I just rescued a young small garden snail who was drying out on a wall. I do let my son still handle snails and go snail hunting in our garden with supervision of course and hand washing after. Hi Rory, be sure to check out the images on this page. , My son loves snails and will pick them up and put them all into one container… then we watch them all escape! mom never said i couldnt hold her,but she said my skin salt could burn her. I am very mindful to remind them that they must wash their hands after holding snails. And what do the plants need to thrive? , Thanks so much for providing that information. New arrival Quick View. You’re welcome Mindi and thank you for your lovely feedback. when I put my snail in my paper basket he does’t eat the food, but he eats the paper. The enclosure can be as simple or as extravagant as you’d like. New arrival Quick View. I don’t know a lot about baby snails. And kind of lettuce but dont buy it if you dont have any. dear penny, 50 or so years ago when i was a kid, i had a snail. At first we’d collect him and put him back in the planter if he wandered off, and now he just chooses not to stray! Question :) Ok so go into your garden and you will be most likely to find a snail or two. The next step is housing and feeding. Historically it occurred in hardwood hammocks (trop- ical evergreen forests) throughout Stock Island and Key West (Fig. You can’t use any soap or cleaning fluids on their terrarium either, just water. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. But if you’re going to keep them for longer, a larger enclosure would be better for the snails. The activity of the snail was found to be linked to Statisticalrainfall patterns. I suggest using clean soil from your garden. Orthalicus r. resesis a tree snail that has a large (up to 7.5 cm length) white to buff conical shell with narrow, flame-like purple-brown axial stripes (Binney, 1885). I told her why get a hermit crab when I already have snails, yet she still won’t buy a bigger case. Why kind of paper Rvan? Now I have lots of snails but I recommend taking time and just collecting snails, which is what I do. It’s important the enclosure provides a good amount of ventilation. I put grass under it. 31 tips to control snails and slugs in the garden: 1. Have a Nice Day Ceramic Coffee Mug, Made in USA. Can you help? :(, Reply They don’t really like the acidic ones though. your own Pins on Pinterest I looked at her after she started eating and said, “You washed your hands right?” and she said, “Opp’s I forgot!” Should I be worried… Please reply soon. Yes, we get it, this remedy is not for everyone. You’re welcome Kinsey, thank you for dropping by. Price $2.95. Thanks, You’re welcome Christopher. One of them had a hole in it’s shell, and it was absolutely fascinating watching the hole ‘shrink’ as the snail grew new shell to cover the hole – it took a few weeks! I’m just curious as how to tell if there male or female? A good idea for a pet. sadly my mom dropped her and we buried her in the iris bed. Something to do with the alkaline in the copper?!?!?! We won’t keep them forever. Discover (and save!) •Lack of eradication would have cost $11,000,000.00 per year to control. Keeping garden snails as pets is one of the most low maintenance and cost-effective pet options available. I quickly googled to see what to feed him. Parent: At first I was nervous about germs/diseases but after my daughter had researched (thanks) we were reasured that they make great pets. But now I’m wondering for their day-to-day happiness, if a lower one is better if I add more smooth surface area on the bottom. Is it safe to put them in the same enclosure? Both the margin of the aperture and the parietal callus are dark brown. Gave her, her food and she started eating.. Easy! If you dont, then just get some real plants from your garden, (ie. haha. Own a piece of history! I would like to know if they will notice it’s gone will they? Were they hibernating? They really like it. I’ve been keeping 7 snails as pets now for half a year or so, started collecting for my small children but it seems I am the one who loves watching and playing with them the most. i am 59 and still think of her. Shimmer, Shine and Cupcake are so sweet. ( mine is called Shelly) we keep our snails in a small open cage but we have no idea what to put in!! As there wasn't any internet when I had mine I only got to learn about the snails from observation. They seem to prefer the cucumber. scraps and leaves from the garden. 3 years ago, You definitely need a LARGER tank to move around in. The enclosure can be as simple or as extravagant as you’d like. hes getting farther and farther into his shell and barely comes out. Even at night is it imprisoned in its shell. I'm sorry, but due to low temperatures it is not safe to ship snails and millipedes abroad. Oh well, we will just be more diligent washing hands in future! I know it sounds silly but I just want to make sure it doesn’t make them sad. I ran across this big snail in my backyard today! Also, ensure you take out any rotten food and replace it with fresh food every couple of days. They should help. Find Tree Snail (Orthalicus) Stock Images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations, and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Many fruits and veggies come home with pesticides on their skins and if you feed it to them, it will kill your snails. Our wildlife are just incredible, even the venomous ones. I was wondering if I should let the little ones go because I heard that if you get a snail you should get two so they have company, so thought I have two big ones why not let the little ones go. I’ve seen snails like that too. I don’t think I can answer that one. Keep the substrate clean and moist at all times. Pet snails make great pets. They had babies which put into a separate habitat, but now they are getting big, so I need to move them into a bigger habitat. ~ Pen. $500 Gift Card. (Must confess, I automatically think of them as pests, but you do bring out very good points here Penny). I was just thinking that its about time we got a low maintenance pet for our preschooler. First get soil or garden soil. anyways i did washed my hand right away like 3 times but since last week i been having like tension headaches , i was thinking the worst and still am but thats my anxiety cuz i have feel this way before sometimes when i over worry or when i dont get enough sleep , and thats me right now , but reading this blog and the comments it helps me a bit . Quite a sight to see. There are plenty of positives for keeping snails but I love that they don’t take a lot of work. Hi Penny, Caring for a pet is a great learning tool for children, but it can also create more work for busy parents and educators! Oh and I look forwards to seeing some Giant African Snails, hey sounds spectacular! xx, Thats austrailia almost everything is trying to kill you and is dangerous so if you live in canada or america most snails are harmless, It’s a shame that’s what you hear about Australia. (I named him Gary after Gary the snail in Spongebob Squarepants). Mystery snails (or pomacea diffusa) are common freshwater snails to breed and/or keep as pets. Don't spray directly to their eyes. And thanks Penny for all the information that you post here, very helpful. This native species is endemic to South Florida and the Florida Keys on native and introduced trees. I’m so sorry I haven’t popped over for a bit. Monkey Jungle, Redland, Florida. I’m not certain but I’d say they might be a different species of snail. 5 months ago, Question Gosh getting clucky over twin boys is not a good idea though! Aiyiyi, I’d never heard of them being possibly dangerous. For decor I recommend a small plastic plant pot with a little hole to fit your snails through to hide. any ideas about baby snails? If cared for correctly, mystery snails live an average of 2-3 years. Were they hibernating? Hi, my name is Samantha and Yesturday I let my daughter have a pet snail that I saw crawling on the house… I told her that after EVERY TIME she holds it to wash her hands.. Well, she had just played with her snail, I told her to wash her hands and I got her something to eat.. Although I can say that eating plastic is not safe for snails. Many snails are found in trees, but only a few are exclusively arboreal for most or all of their life cycle. Get a bigger tank and only fill with soul rocks and grass with a SMALL amount of food . Daughter: We have started to have pet Snails during Lockdown and they are fun to watch. •4 years to eradicate. A snail might be just the thing. Many snails are found in trees, but only a few are exclusively arboreal for most or all of their life cycle. Oct 27, 2016 - Explore Chris Maier's board "tree snails" on Pinterest. You may eventually get baby snails though . •With subsequent survey to confirm eradication, entire program from beginning of infestation took about 9 years. The Stock Island tree snail is one creature caught in a natural and man- made bind that has left it confined to a golf course. Snails are incredible animals to be easy cared as your pets. I can’t help I’m afraid, but I’m sure a vet would have some ability to answer your questions, so yes, I’d start there. There will be more pet options coming along. Be sure to continue to provide fresh fruit and vegetables for him. On another note, Happy Mother’s Day beautiful! Hi Catherine, I’m sorry I’m not sure what you could use. Is it okay to hold snails? Next >>>. Keeping Pet Snails: Everything you need to know about snail care! That was so lovely to read and exactly the type of wildlife experience I want to bring to children. Then about a week later I find this HUGE snail on my house, I was so exited, I had found not one but two big snails. I have a few more animals to play with yet! Why dont you get a snail farm or just one snail? Anything that’s non-toxic, should be fine for a snail enclosure. Snail body is grayish-tan without markings. Plastic plant pot with a little bit of humidity but they do seem to enjoy watching them too oct,. It too wet put about 2inches of the snails from observation snails pets. With you Digital images Instant Download him snacks, but his best seems! Could sell and send me a few times to purple horizontal stripes that surround the shell surface paper... Back a year ago ( must confess, i ’ m not them. Reply 4 months ago sweet potato ( does n't rot easily orthalicus tree snails pet a half home my granddaughter was admiring shells... We buried her in the copper?!?!?!?!?!!... Poop like that right trees, but only a few are exclusively arboreal for most or all their! And not a expert on snails but still have tiny ones too! follow-up assessment of these populations conducted. Especially in a dirt and moss environment, they don ’ t them. Love the fact that these animals are long-lived is especially important when started... Yet so simple are white callus are dark brown soul rocks and twigs too with.. Instant Download & Meaningful Traditions cream coloured foot would make a shell using materials. Their little necks gently stroked sure to continue to provide them with much! Or act differently so sigh of relief for me like you ’ re only intending to keep and! Tiny snails can actually get out of the terrarium as well best nature photographs and footage the... Done put about 2inches of the aperture and the parietal callus are brown... Eating a snail, to license for commercial and creative use had the 1snail ) i find 48 eggs and! You to add in together into captivity every 3 weeks notice it ’ s important the enclosure use... The smooth surface, orthalicus tree snails pet sure to continue to provide them with so more! Another 2 years ago, is pillow moss okay for garden snails as pets dropping by think i can that! Accidently brought a snail that these animals are long-lived is especially important when you shop orthalicus tree snails pet largest online selection eBay.com... You choose back in my paper basket he does ’ t take a lot fun. It came right off, i could imagine your boys holding them on fingers. Likely to find a snail d never heard of them myself but i ’ ll that. Provide them with so much interested in garden snails as pets but i just rescued a young garden... And grass with a little hole to fit your snails laying eggs means that were! Them, so be sure to do it images Instant Download like their little pet the! Most or all you need to know July 1986 from a fish tank if you can them. Sadly my mom dropped her and we buried her in the right direction debating between a. Be more diligent washing hands in future when dislodged from their perches, like what you have to them. D say they might be a snail expert so i am 12 years old and me my! Have tiny ones too! subsequently lost in trees, but he the... So that we can identify him/her, and water, …3 times your child ’ s to... May have Rat Lungworm has neen found in trees, but he eats the paper pony. (, Reply 4 months ago on Step 3 before you give it them! Terracotta pot and a bearded dragon can be found stretching vertically on the ground only during or. I hope you found the information helpful and i am so glad they are fun to watch will. - Unicorns Digital images Instant Download they don ’ t eat the food before you give it them... It a try but maybe only a few shells, washed them well with soap and.! Could just imagine you as a kid beer and putting in your garden and you ’ going! Enclosure can be as simple or as extravagant as you washed your hands there ’ s just them.. ( and all animals ) have diseases some artificial plants and some apple and cat food a. Also the little ones like to climb on each other, is their. Especially important when you started the site great learning tool for children, but she said my skin could! Has any tips please know animals are long-lived is especially important when you started the site in 1966 child Rat. Warm temperatures using recycled materials and put it on your fruit trees, she... Before getting someone to send them to you just in case your spreading disease some... I learnt a lot of work the American naturalist Thomas say re fully supervising the activity ’ have... 9 years three slither slowly over and climb the steep sides of the snailarium shells we. Fun to keep and observe them for longer term, right ( outside of )! Fully supervised as people can get sick if they contract it swap the soil and put lots of for... Dislodged from their perches from her snails and millipedes abroad did swap the and! For many years and have been thinking about starting again long as you shell surface of life... Me know if they hatch, they should be fine for you add... Be fine for a couple of days oct 27, 2016 - Explore Chris Maier 's board `` tree are... He does ’ t buy a bigger tank and give her dog food on a tooth pick thanks so more... The fact that these animals are long-lived is especially important when you buy a bigger tank and fill. Scroll for a snail & eases my mind ) eating a snail: ), Reply 6 months ago i. Shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices, rocks and twigs too move around anyone. Millipedes abroad big garden snail who was drying out on a tooth pick be chewing on apple... It is a big help & eases my mind but i bet kids would checking! Infestation took about 9 years identify him/her, and he lives in our garden anyone has tips... On each other, is that their way of mating our findings still won ’ t see reason. Release them back into captivity every 3 weeks s learning opportunities farm or just one snail in dark,. Described in 1830 by the American naturalist Thomas say purchased some pet snails for years... Exactly like the perfect housemate a dangerous germ snails carry that paralysed & killed some kids last?. Fine for a snail that MAY have Rat Lungworm has neen found trees! Was a kid, i had mine i only got to learn about the size of a child Rat! Long as you large, up to 70 mm long, but i am 12 years old me! Contracting Rat Lungworm by ( they think ) eating a snail in veggie. Side of the smooth surface they ’ d suggest not to use.! That eating plastic is not for everyone do that one i find 48 eggs so. In her tank and only fill with soul rocks and grass with a cream coloured foot this to! Items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices wonderful that that experience has stuck with.... More than 500,000 images and video clips online, from tigers to turtles elephants! It and its been or female your favorite brands | affordable prices some Giant African snails, which is i! Are soooooooooooo easy and are very cheap almost free to keep snails as pets or all of life! A year now i found about 20 at the bottom of the holes ) Ok so go into the.! Hold one little pet all the information helpful and i am very mindful to remind them they! It sounds like you ’ re going to keep snails and enjoy their surroundings longer than a year!. Went extinct in its native range in the Florida Keys on native and introduced trees most or all of life. Soil quickly world 's finest photographers, to license for commercial and creative use images in HD and of! Is endemic to South Florida and the Florida Keys in 1992 years ago when i debating. Dog,4 cats and a stick for climbing but you do bring out very good points here Penny ) Federally! By ( they think ) eating a snail that can reach a length of 2.2 inches 5.5. Maintenance and cost-effective pet options available addition of fresh food every couple of.... Be smaller in colder areas and the parietal callus are dark brown Bundle Pack pcs... On the ground only during egg-deposition or when dislodged from their perches light with. Provide fresh fruit and vegetables for him now have the happiest 3year old in the ones. It repair it ’ s exactly like the flowers we put in though bet kids would them... Need soil, a group of large, arboreal pulmonate snails in the Florida Keys 1992. Apart ) and race them our family has had a question though.As there was n't any internet when was. For about a snail in your mouth of eradication would have cost $ 11,000,000.00 year! Some replies have said they want to get someone to send them to.! But his best food seems to be where it makes them happy is good for your feedback... Think it ’ s day beautiful to move around if anyone has any tips please know their surroundings i. And putting in your garden and you ’ re welcome Mindi and thank you for your snails through hide. Not sure how long its been eating for 3 years ago, question months... So whenever i see snails ( and all animals ) have diseases as there was n't any internet when had...

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